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Oregon insurance and finance council is a group of people gathered as non-profit activity to improve the insurance and finance related services in Oregon.

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The Oregon Environmental Council has joined 1000 Friends of Oregon, OSPIRG, Citizens? Utility Board, Sierra Club, Oregon Conservation Network, and Audubon Society of Portland to announce the 2002 Environmental Summits for Legislators and Candidates.

The Summits are an opportunity for the public to meet legislators and candidates and hear their thoughts on protecting Oregon?s environment and quality of life. There will also be an opportunity to ask candidates questions about key environmental issues.


The Oregon Department of Agriculture's (ODA) proposed limits for five toxic heavy metals in fertilizers will not protect human health or the environment and may actually lead to more hazardous cleanup sites in the future, according to a new report released by the Oregon Environmental Council.

The report, titled "Oregon: A Dumping Ground for Toxic Fertilizer?" finds that ODA's proposed limits for metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead are less stringent than similar standards set by California, and in certain cases, those set by Washington, making Oregon a "potential dumping ground" for fertilizer products that are illegal in neighboring states.

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